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We want to provide for our readers as much of the information as possible that we have accessed through our own research and general reading.

We always aim to keep up to date with current research into what is happening in workplaces, how managers are handling the changes and feel sure our readers would appreciate being able to access that information - as well as newsletters and articles we produce ourselves.

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We offer a growing list of products, books, including eBooks, and MP3 recordings that we sell directly or are produced by our strategic alliance partners.

We choose these products carefully, to ensure they will provide real value in helping you manage change.

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Jennifer has written a number of articles on the role coaching can play in helping managers to lead more effectively, by helping people to change the way they operate.

Some have been published in journals, others have been issued with our newsletter.

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Read our current and archived newsletters on a wide range of topics related to managing changes at work.

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Worth Reading

Our selection of reviews and recommendations of books you will find worth reading from a leadership, inspirational or just interesting point of view.

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