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Employee Enragement:
Why People Hate Working for You

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Employee Enragement

$30.00 (Hardcopy)

by James Adonis, based on his study of 2,400 employees.

James Adonis, has investigated what causes employees to be angry, frustrated, and upset at work. Here they are, the Top 50 areas of staff disengagement.

You need to read this book. Employee Enragement: Why People Hate Working for You, tells it like it really is for your employees.


  • How to avoid doing what annoying and incompetent managers do
  • How to increase your popularity and likeability
  • How to become an influential and immensely-respected manager
  • How to get the most talented people wanting to work for you
  • How to build teams that are loyal, productive, and hugely successful

Every manager needs to read this.

James's writing style is engaging and entertaining, insightful and informative, and a warts-n-all account of what you do that makes your employees roll their eyes, curse your existence, and scream on the inside. And sometimes on the outside!

Buy it now.