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Jennifer McCoy

Jennifer McCoy

Coach. Educator. Speaker

Presentations [45 – 60 mins]

Time Management

The pace and demanding environment of every business and workplace today place huge pressures on people faced with increasing responsibilities but the same amount of time. Time management has become critical for both personal and organisation success.

Time management involves more than efficiency techniques. Habits and behaviours play a significant role in the way we use our time and participants are challenged to reflect on their own values, on their workplace responsibilities and the importance of work/life balance as the first steps towards assessing management of their time.

Learn the STAR system:

  • How to clarify personal values and goals for business and personal success.
  • The importance of planning and prioritising
  • Break overwhelming goals down into simple, achievable steps
  • Become aware of behaviours that impact time
  • Make commitment to actions that lead to a more balanced and productive life

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EQ or IQ: Winning with people skills

EQ, emotional intelligence quotient, EI for short, is the one ‘quotient’ we have that can be changed. EI is more readily understood as people skills and we all know people with brilliant people skills - those colleagues, managers and friends who glide effortlessly through life, widely liked and respected, handling difficult situations with dignity, unfazed by the interpersonal challenges that throw the rest of us into a spin.

In these times of increasing expectations of leaders, skill shortages, multiple generations in the workplace and changing customer needs, leaders need great people skills.


  • What EI really is – 7 ‘people skills’ and how to recognise them
  • How to recognise your own EI strengths and weaknesses
  • The value of increasing EI skills at work
  • How to build your own EI skills – one step at a time

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Creating New Workplaces

Skills shortages, an ageing workforce, Generation Y, X and Baby Boomers - multiple generations in the workplace, the rapid pace of change, global competition demanding innovation!

Who could have predicted these challenges for business today? Let alone economic turbulence.

New challenges demand a new skill set - for communicating effectively across generations, coaching staff to perform at their best, inspiring cooperation, fostering initiative and action. Encouraging great staff to stay!


  • what makes other generations tick – the realities and myths
  • learning from and valuing Gen Y
  • how workplaces might need to change - new skills for leaders
  • simple communication and coaching skills to retain your staff

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Don’t Let Your Staff Keep You Awake at Night!

Do you know how to make sure your staff always gives great service to your customers? Do your staff only seem to work when 'the boss' is around? Do you know what to do to retain great staff?

Your staff are the greatest asset in your business, yet they can also be the greatest challenge you face.

This workshop aims to help you spend less time on "people-management issues", giving you more time for making contacts, marketing and selling your products?


  • 5 steps for establishing expectations with your staff
  • Why staff can be resistant to new business ideas that you need to implement
  • Simple feedback strategies for managing performance in your business
  • Tips for building teamwork to take your business to the next level
  • Techniques for handling difficult situations with positive outcomes

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Putting a Positive Spin on Change

If you are going to remain successful in business today, you have to change – constantly! Which means changing what you do and the way you do things.

The immediate impact is always on people. Some will thrive on it, embracing new opportunities, some will fiercely resist; others will simply cave-in de-motivated, anxious with overload. Change can be fraught with tension; the people repercussions hostile!


  • how change affects people – even you
  • why staff can be so resistant to change, despite all your efforts
  • how to win them over – for the longer term
  • simple strategies for managing change - planning, communicating, coaching
  • how to build your own resilience as a leader

Take away a toolkit of change management resources.

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