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Generations@Work: Building New Workplaces

Australia’s population is ageing! Falling mortality and fertility rates combined with the effect of a baby boomer generation moving into the older age brackets, challenge us to revisit the way we all work together

What are the challenges?

  • Managing multiple generations at work
  • Younger managers working with older staff
  • Mature age staff  - maintaining skills, transitioning out
  • Skill shortages & loss of knowledge – unless older workers can be persuaded to stay on

Did you know?

Workers in health and education amongst the oldest workers.

  • Health & Community Services – Av age: 41.7yrs (Up 5.5 yrs over last 2 decades)
  • Education – Av age: 43.4yrs (Up 5.2 yrs over last 2 decades)

Team Leader workshop

The Team Leader workshop is designed to provide line managers with practical solutions to implement age positive workplace practices to help them attract and retain experienced workers and maintain an age balanced workforce.

The Experienced Worker workshop

The Experienced Worker workshop provides experienced workers, mature age job seekers and retirees with practical help to review their work/life goals, plan their retirement, and work with their employers to make best use of their knowledge and experience.

Read more about Aged Management Training - www.jobwise.gov.au

These programs are based on initiatives of the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to improve the labour force participation of mature age Australians. This is seen as a key strategy for managing the impact of demographic change.

Age Management Training is designed to help organisations meet the challenges of Australia’s ageing workforce and assist experienced workers plan and implement a phased retirement.

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