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Coaching in Education

Coaching has a natural place in education. Coaching in schools can work at a number of levels and programs include:

Coaching for Principals & Leading Teachers

Individual coaching is personal and solution-focused, encouraging leader to take the time and space for reflection on leadership issues of their choice and to set goals for achievement.

The coach provides objectivity, support and confidentiality, within a framework of action-planning, and accountability that ensures goals are achieved. Coaching programs are generally 6 - hourly sessions, in person or by phone.

"As a Principal of 25 years standing and previous President of various National & State bodies I wasn’t sure of what benefits I would gain as a result of participating in this program. I have enjoyed my sessions with Jennifer and her ability to develop an open and honest rapport is something that I have valued highly. Jennifer is deeply committed to the improvement of individuals, She approaches the task at hand with sincere warmth and empathy and always allows sufficient time for coaching sessions to come to a natural conclusion with clear directions for future goals. I would highly recommend Jennifer to my colleagues as a consummately professional coach!"
Peter Paul. Principal. Chandler Primary School, Keysborough Vic.

"Jennifer helped me focus on the important goals I wanted to achieve in the workplace. With her thoughtful uestioning, I was able to clarify my thinking and work successfully towards positive outcomes. The regular meetings allow you to set small steps which you can then evaluate with your coach. I would highly recommend the process for other school principals I still regard it as one of my most valuable personal/professional development experiences.."
Julian Collas-Smith, Principal Nepean School, Seaford, VIC

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Group Coaching for Leading Teachers

Group coaching is an opportunity to work with an experienced coach, in a small group of colleagues, all supporting you to achieve your own goals while you – develop new insights, realise your strengths, build confidence and learn strategies to apply in new situations.

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Coaching Skills for Educational Leaders [Leader-as-Coach]

This is a 1-2 day program designed to help teachers in leadership positions to develop coaching skills for working with other staff – to improve motivation, give feedback to their peers without causing offence, to work more effectively with teams.

Teacher-leaders trained as workplace coaches talk about coaching to help:

  • teachers new to the school or to the profession
  • teachers with obvious potential who lack confidence to take on new roles
  • older staff challenged by technology
  • generational concerns as young staff assume positions over older colleagues.

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Co-coaching for Teachers [Peer Coaching]

This is a 1-2 day program designed to foster collaborative relationships amongst colleagues and break down the isolation of teaching. Co-coaching, where colleagues are skilled to coach each other, helps to create a culture of mutual respect and trust; where the barriers of isolation are broken down, leading to improved teaching skill and then to improvements in student learning outcomes.

Some teachers use coaching skills to bring out potential in their students or train their students to use the same skills, encouraging supportive peer relationships.

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