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Positive Change Consulting specialises in helping organisations find solutions to leadership and management challenges.

Coaching is an effective way of helping you, and your people, discover your own solutions.

What Makes Coaching Effective

Coaching is a systematic process. The client chooses the focus of the coaching; the coach brings a variety of skills and tools to help the client clarify direction and develop an action plan to ensure they achieve their goal.

Essentially coaching is based on the understanding that, given the opportunity to reflect, a commitment to act, and support in following through, people are able to change the way they operate.

Coaching focuses on outcomes, helping the client:

  • Find solutions that fit their needs, their work and the needs of their organisation
  • Gain insight into their own beliefs and behaviours
  • Set goals and develop an action plan
  • Accept responsibility for taking appropriate action

Coaching is particularly effective because it is built upon respectful and trusting relationships – collaborative goal-setting, focused on seeking solutions.

Our coaching solutions for your workplace

All our coaching programs are structured to ensure goals are negotiated, action plans are put in place and tangible outcomes are achieved.

  • We use validated coaching models – the GROW model or the GENOS model, or in combination as appropriate to the situation.
  • We use coaching tools to help the client think more clearly and make the best decisions.
  • Our coaches are formally accredited in a range of methodologies to ensure variety and flexibility in the coaching styles we offer.
  • We offer one-on-one individual coaching for leaders.
  • We offer coaching skills training programs for leadership teams and staff groups:
    • Coaching Skills for Workplace Leaders [Nationally Accredited Training]
    • Coaching Skills for Education Leaders
  • Evaluation strategies are built into all coaching programs.

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