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Articles that help to explain the value of coaching in the workplace


Thursday September 10 is R U OK? Day, This is the day that R U OK? is calling on Australia to take the global lead in suicide prevention. How can we lead? By having regular meaningful conversations with people who … Continue reading

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Delegating: coaching strategies to reduce your workload

Are you feeling over-worked? Are you looking to ease your load? One useful starting-point is to stop reflect on the times you’ve stepped-in to solve someone else’s problem? It happens at work and it happens at home. You trusted someone … Continue reading

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International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week runs May 19 to May 25 What do you know about the International Coach Federation (ICF)? ICF members adhere to a Code of Ethics and must have completed at least 60 hours of coach-specific training to become … Continue reading

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More on Mindfulness

I’m only slowly learning about mindfulness. My path is littered with abandoned efforts to meditate – sitting rigid, desperately willing myself to forget the ideas swirling in my head, legs twitching. I must confess I put mindfulness in the same … Continue reading

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